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Grand Opening

Dear players, It has been nearly 2 months since you last heard from us. The reason for this is that we have been working hard to improve on certain key features and work on a slightly different concept of a server.

We are now confident in saying that we have finished all the necessary changes and configurations.
We are proud to announce the next chapter of L2Crystal - Melior, an x3 Classic Kamael 4.0.
Why would we want to add essence flavor into our project? Well, it is obvious that people enjoy the new autofarm system, modern interface, Goldberg, random craft and other features.

However, we believe that Classic: Secret of Empire is the most stable and balanced version of classic, which is why it is our base version.
We have also rebranded 'L2 Crystal' to 'Melior' simply because of the amount of configurations that were done. We needed a new identity.

You can check our new website here: Melior.club.
You can read all about the changes and configurations here: Wiki.
The date for the GRAND OPENING IS JUNE 10 20:00 +3 .
We will be posting news and hosting giveaways regularly in discord. Thank you for being with us and trusting us! We will see you soon on the battlefield!


The Process

Here at L2 Crystal, we offer players a place to spend their valuable time and build on memories that they can share with friends.

Our developers at L2 Crystal care about your experience in-game and have delivered a product with all satisfying features while making appropriate configurations. For example, we have a system where you automatically receive Castle Coins and Castle Cloaks, auto-farm system ugrade with no delay! These are only a handful of configurations suggested by our Team.

We are experienced Lineage II players, which helps us make the right decisions when balancing the game. Join us and be a part of the journey together!


Lineage II

Take a step back in time when we were all very young and full of dreams, and relive the original Lineage II experience as it was in the beginning.

Create a classic hero from the original 5 races and 31 class options and jump into the nostalgic hardcore level grind where the rewards can outweigh the risks.

Experience the game the way it was when "hardcore" meant something!