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Client version: Classic Secret of Empire 2.9.5
Buffs/Dances/Songs 4 hours duration
Prophecies, CoV and VoP 4 hours
Total buff slots 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) And 12 Songs and Dances
Auto Loot for items from monsters & and manual pickup for raid bosses
Auto Loot system for adena from monsters
Auto Create Account on your first login!
1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfers are free!
Maximum Clients per computer: 3
Auto learn skills until level 76

Experience (XP): x5
Skill Points (SP): x5
Adena: x2
Drop: x1
Spoil: x1
Attribute Experience: x1
RB XP/SP: x1
RB Drop: x1

Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16
Regular Weapon Scroll Chance: 60% for a warrior weapon and 50% for a mage weapon. The rate decreases after +10, i.e., +11-14: 50% for a warrior weapon, 40% for a mage weapon, +15: 40% for a warrior weapon, 30% for a mage weapon, +16: 30% for a warrior weapon, 20% for a mage weapon
Regular Armor Scroll Chance: 60%. The rate decreases after +6, i.e., +7-8: 50%, +9-10: 40%, +11: 30%, +12: 20%
Blessed / Improved Scroll Chance: The same rate as for normal scroll rates
Pendant (+1-8): 50%
Agathions (+1-8): 100%, 100%, 100%, 65%, 50%, 35%, 20%, 15%
Elemental Necklace (+1-10): 100%, 100%, 100%, 60%, 60%, 60%, 30%, 20%, 15%, 10%
Jewels (2-5): 60%, 50%, 20%, 10%
Brooch (2-5): 30%
Runes (2-6): 60%
Runes (7-10): 50%
Runes (11-13): 40%
Talisman of Aden (+1-10): 100%, 80%, 60%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 50%

Auto Events: Team Vs Team, Korean Style, Death Match every 1 hour

Team Vs Team. Winning Team's Players get 20 VIP Coins each, Losing Team's Players get 3 VIP Coins
Players with highest kill count from each team get 10 extra VIP Coins
When: 00:00, 02:00, 07:00, 12:00, 18:00, 20:00 Server time (/time in-game)

Korean Style. Winning Team's Players get 15 VIP Coins each, Losing Team's Players get 3 VIP Coins
Players with highest kill count from each team get 5 extra VIP Coins and an extra VIP Coin for every kill
When: 01:00, 08:00, 14:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 Server time

Death Match. Every kill results in 1 VIP Coin
When: 09:00, 16:00, 22:00 Server time

Reworked Elemental Raid Bosses: reset 06:30 Server time every Wednesday and Saturday
Normal Elemental Raid Bosses can now be entered with as many as 9 players!
Extreme Elemental Raid Bosses can also be entered with only 9 (high quality and geared) players
Normal Raids: 24 Hours + 0-2 Hours Random
Epic Priests: Every Day 22:00 Server Time & Silent Valley: Every Day 21:00 Server Time
Queen Ant: Mondays 21:00 Server Time
Orfen: Tuesdays 21:00 Server Time
Core: Wednesdays 21:00 Server Time
Zaken: Wednesdays 22:00 Server Time
Antharas: Thursdays 21:00 Server Time
Baium: Sundays 22:00 Server Time
Lilith: Tuesday/Friday 21:30 Server Time
Anakim: Tuesday/Friday 21:30 Server Time
Elemental: Resets Wednesday and Saturday 6:30 (Min: 9 People)
Frintezza: Resets Wednesday and Saturday 6:30 (Min: 18 People)
Reworked Drops: Epic Jewels, A-Grade Items

Experience (XP): +30%
Skill Points (SP): +30%
Adena: +30%
Drop: +30%
VIP Coin Drop: +30%
Spoil: +30%
Craft Chance: +5%
Enchant Chance: +5%
No Experience (XP) loss upon death

Gludio, Dion, Oren Castle Sieges Every Sunday at 16:00 Server time
Giran, Aden Castle Sieges Every Sunday at 20:00 Server time
Implemented Castle Reward System: The clan leader automatically receives a mail with a cloak (either dark or holy) and Vip Coins!
Gludio/Dion/Oren Castle Owners receive a cloak and 100 Vip Coins daily, Giran castle owner receives a cloak and 200 Vip Coins daily, Aden castle owner receives a cloak and 300 Vip Coins daily
You no longer need to wait at the NPC in castle and wait hours for castle coins!
Castle cloak is as good as any cloak in the server except for Hero Cloak, of course!

Olympiad Period every 1 week, heroes will be announced every Sunday
Olympiad matches take place from Thursday to Saturday
Olympiad operates from 18:00 Server time to 00:00 Server time
Olympiad minimum participant requirement to start is 6
Olympiad maximum amount of games to play: 75
Olympiad class based games are disabled
Hero Circlet now gives +1 to all stats
Olympiad Shop Improved and Reworked
Olympiad Reward System Reworked: Player who has 50 or more olympiad points receives 3 extra Vip Coins for a win, player who has 50 or more olympiad points receives 1 extra Vip Coin for a loss
You now get notified the name and class of your opponent when you enter the arena of olympiad!
Hero circlet and Hero cloaks are available from the first period! Hero weapons will be available on the second period.

Free to Play Gameplay: Vip Coin Drop from Monsters, Raid Bosses, Events, Olympiad!
Completely Reworked Old School Autofarm System! Improved Autofarm Speed, no delays!
Shift + Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances
Improvements to transformations: removed skills such as fear, stun, hex from rare transformations to make the game more balanced. Legendary and Mythic transformations are disabled.
Clan Arena: reset 06:30 Server time every Wednesday and Saturday
Reworked Missions: Some of the rewards from Missions were unnecessary, for example, buff scrolls. Instead, we replaced unnecessary items from Missions with useful and beneficial items
Enhancement of zones: Increased monster count in lower level zones for a more comfortable gameplay! Reworked Lair of Antharas zone for level 80 or higher players!
Lair of Antharas event: We have added a Golden Treasure Chest item to drop from all monsters in Lair of Antharas!
Added Auction System, Database System, Ranking System
Long term project: new content, new events will be released after the first week of server start!